APE Tag Item Keys

An APE tag item key is a key for accessing special meta-information in an audio file.

Member of APE Tag Item.

APE tag item keys can have a length of 2 (including) up to 255 (including) characters in the range from 0x20 (Space) until 0x7E (Tilde).

Typical keys should have a length of 2 ... 16 characters using the following characters:
Space (0x20), Slash (0x2F), Digits (0x30...0x39), Letters (0x41...0x5A, 0x61...0x7A).

Values can contain binary data, a value or a list of values. See here.
List of values can be mixed, i.e. contain UTF-8 strings and external references
beginning with file://..., http://www..., ftp://ftp....

Not allowed are the following keys: ID3, TAG, OggS and MP+.

Currently the following keys are defined:

key meaning recommended format of value
Title Music Piece Title
Music Work
UTF-8 String
Subtitle Title when TITLE contains the work
or additional sub title
UTF-8 String
Artist Performing artist
List of Performing Artists
UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Album Album name UTF-8 String
Debut Album Debut Album name UTF-8 String
Publisher Record label or Publisher UTF-8 String
Conductor Conductor UTF-8 String
Track Track Number
Track Number/Total Tracks Number
Composer Name of the original composer
Name of the original arranger
UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Comment User comment(s) UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
List of Links
Copyright Copyright holder UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Publicationright Publication right holder UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
File File location Link
List of Links
EAN/UPC EAN-13/UPC-A bar code identifier 12 or 13 digit Integer
ISBN ISBN number with check digit 9 digit number with a check digit, which can be 0...9 or X
Catalog Catalog number sometimes the EAN/UPC, often some letters followed by some numbers
LC Label Code LC + 4 or 5 digit Integer
Year °) Release date Date
Record Date Record date Date
Record Location Record location(s) UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Genre °°) Genre(s) UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Media Source
Source Media Number/Total Media Number
Source Time
Media Integer/Integer
Media Time
Index Indexes for quick access Index Time
List of Index Times
Related Location of related information Link
List of Links
ISRC International Standard Recording Number ASCII String
Abstract Abstract Link
Language Used Language(s) for music/spoken words UTF-8 String
List of UTF-8 Strings
Bibliography Bibliography/Dicography Link
Introplay Characteric part of piece for intro playing Index Time Range
Dummy place holder zero data

°) This key name is used to be upward compatible.

°°) Genre keywords should be normally English terms. A native language supporting plugin can translate common expression to the local language and vice versa when storing the genre in the file.