phpBook 1.60 Final

phpBook 1.60 is a nice, little, simple and clean php/MySQL based open source guestbook released under the GNU General Public License. It is based on phpBook 1.50 created by SmartISoft.


Download phpBook if you want to give it a go and if you find any bugs that should be fixed let me know. An online DEMO is available to give this new version a try. Visit the SmartISoft forum to discuss this new release.

UPDATE: 2006/12/18 - Frisian and Hungarian translations of phpBook are finally available. Thanks goes out to Jan Terpstra and Németh Csaba for translating phpBook (sorry for the delay guys).

UPDATE: 2005/06/14 - The phpBook version (1.60 Final) released yesterday (2005/06/13) contained a small, but nasty, wordwarp bug. I've updated/replaced the Final download today. Only the config.php (or just the wordwrap_msg function in this file) has to be replaced again. I'm sorry for the inconvenients.

Because of some of the changes to the database, the previous phpBook datebase isn't compatible with phpBook 1.60 anymore. I recommend you to do a clean install of the complete guestbook, removing all files and the old database first, just to prevent any possible problems that might occur. The database will be automatically overwritten if you use the install.php file.
A datebase update script is provided in the download file but keep in mind that it won't make any changes to the smiley set (yet).

Changes in phpBook 1.60 Final (2005/06/14): Most important changes in phpBook 1.60 BETA (2005/04/21): New options added in the config.php file: